CBT Training

We conduct CBT in Portsmouth every day of the year except Christmas and New Year.

Our CBT courses consist of high quality and well structured training systems. Training begins in a classroom and progresses to one of our off-road sites for maintenance and controls training. There is some additional classroom training before the 2-hour road ride. The length of the course depends upon the progress and previous experience of each pupil. You can normally expect to spend at least 5 hours with us for your CBT.

Although there is no theory test for CBT, we strongly recommend a study of the highway code in preparation.

CBT allows 16 year-olds to ride mopeds, and 17+ year olds to ride 125cc machines as learners. In order to complete a CBT you must have a provisional motorcycle (category A) or moped (category p or AM) license.


All motorcycle riders without a full motorcycle license MUST complete a CBT in order to ride on the road, all moped riders must complete a CBT, unless you have passed your car driving test before February 1st 2001.

Any vehicle up to a maximum 50cc engine capacity. These must be restricted to a maximum speed of 31mph on a category "p" license, and 28mph on a category "AM" license.

125cc Motorcycle:
This is a motorcycle up to 125cc, and must not have a power of more than 14.6 bhp.

Whilst riding as a learner rider with a CBT:

You MUST display full size L-Plates (front and rear)
You MUST NOT ride on the motorway
You MUST NOT ride a bigger bike (as detailed above)
You MUST NOT ride with a trailer and
You MUST NOT carry a passenger.

You have to pass your full license to remove these restrictions. Click here for more info.

Please contact us for more information or to book your course.