Full License Training

Recent changes in the law mean that there are now several different categories of motorcycle license. It can be a little confusing, but this page will detail the kind of license you can gain at your age, and what sort of training you require to obtain it.

Portsmouth Motorcycle Training, for Gosport, Fareham. Havant, Waterlooville and Hayling Island can provide all types of motorcycle training. Here are the options for each age group:


As a 16 year old you can only ride a moped. You do not require a test to ride a moped, you need only complete a CBT. It is possible to gain a FULL moped license, however this will only allow you to ride without L-Plates and carry passengers. For more details on what exactly Moped means, and what CBT involves, click here.


You may ride up to 125cc (restricted to 14.6bhp) providing you have completed a CBT. It is possible to take your test on a 125cc machine from 17 years old, and although it won't allow you to ride anything bigger, it will enable you to ride without L-plates, so you will be able to use motorways, take passengers, and tow trailers. We call this category of license A1 (or light bike license)


This is where it gets a little more exciting. When you reach 19 you are able to take you full license on a motorcycle of at least 395cc, but no more powerful than 46.6bhp (We use the Suzuki GS500). As long as you pass the tests, you can then ride any motorcycle up to 46.6bhp. This license is known as an A2 license (or restricted license).


If you take your test when you're 24 or more, you can do so on a 595cc+ machine. If you pass on one of our 650cc Kawasakis, you will then have access to an unrestricted license and be allowed to ride all sizes of motorcycles. This is what we call category A (or unresticted license).

N.B If you have held an A2 license for 2 years, then you need not wait until you're 24 to gain a category A license. So the quickest route to a full license is to complete your test at 19 on one of our Suzuki 500cc bikes, and then progress onto a 650cc machine two years later when you're 21.

You can complete any of the tests above on an automatic motorcycle (scooter) but you will only be able to ride an automatic bike thereafter, unless you take further tests.

Our training

The training we provide for test in structures in two ways.

1: Set courses: Most of our training is conducted in intense courses. Course lengths range from 4-6 days, and are fully inclusive programs with the tests on the final day. These courses are tailored to you and you will progress through the course under the supervision of highly experienced instructors.

2: Lessons: We do provide lessons in preparation for your bike test. Our lessons are charged by the hour and are available all year round. Please contact us for more information on these lessons.

Why choose Portsmouth Motorcycle Training?

* Highly experienced team of dedicated full time instructors
* All prices include bike hire, equipment hire, fuel, and fully comprehensive insurance cover
* Practical test fees are included on all intense courses
* CBT is included at no extra charge where necessary
* We have access to a huge exclusive off-road training area which is far longer than the module 1 test site
* Nervous riders and complete novices are catered for

Still unsure? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, our team are here to help.